Hi there, Cédric here.

Because some people ask me to share bigger resolution of my nodes’s screen I decided to share all of my Nodevember shaders on this page!

I started to connect the nodes last June, and Nodevember was a big challenge for me.
Indeed, I think my way to create is more connected to my emotional/artistic side rather than my mathematical/rational side. Blender is such a wonderful and deep software, it has succeeded to give me happiness and inspiration just with Maths. A big thank you to the Blender Team for this achievement 😀

Thanks to the nodevember.io team’s initiative (a big thank you too !) I challenged myself to create the 30 materials.
– Some are really basics and I’m not convinced by the final result even if I spent hours thinking and seeing the problem on every side I can see. I’ve learnt a lot!
Thanks to the Nodevember artists community’s inspiring nodes, I got motivated to rework these shaders.

– Some others of my nodes are created teamed with Ms Serendipity and Mr Chance… The Blender effect is so amazing 🙂 Suddenly you look at your screen and you “feel” the material, you know exactly which value you should change in order to make the shader as you wish.

I gave to myself some rules :

– I wanted to focus use the real time feature of Eevee so I choose to work on Eevee only. (No amazing Cycle/Displacement Map.)
– I tried to not spend more than 2h/nodes, sometimes it was really easy sometime not…
– The scene is almost the same  for every files it’s an orthographic camera, an icosphere and from 1 to 4 lights.
– The .blends file were not originally meant to be shared, just for learning/make experiences, so my nodes are quite messy and “organized” in a very personal way.

All the files are exported via Blender 2.81 (official release – mid November 2019) and zipped from a Windows 10 PC.

In order to export all the files consistently and not have weird renders I deactivated Bloom and other effect.
Settings for the Volumetric might be sighlty different from my renders. Feel free to set those settings as you feel.
It is tested without virus or malware with an up to date Norton Antivirus version.
Nevertheless, if something happen while you are using these files, I can’t be responsible from any damages/errors which may happen.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you download and use one or more of these files,
you accept these conditions.

Nature Pack

3d blender material shader node reptiles
06.Reptile Download .blend
Creative Commons License
3d blender material shader node moss
07.Moss Download .blend
Creative Commons License
3d blender material shader node coral
08.Coral Download .blend
Creative Commons License
3d blender material shader node microbe
09.Microbe Download .blend
Creative Commons License
3d blender material shader node flower
10.Flower Download .blend
Creative Commons License