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You are Midorii, trying to survive in a world of ruins.

Your father, like most of the adults and seniors, died from a mysterious virus.
Your mother left the house looking for help, and never came back.
Alone on your little island since one year, you are collecting seeds, and desperately trying to make them grow.
Yesterday,thanks to your creativity and your perseverance, you have unleashed the spirit of Nature…

With your new power, expand your horizon, spread hope, and remodel our world!



A non-violent FPS

Point A  to point B gameplay, at your own pace.


From the earth to the sky, and beyond!

Seeds are
the key

Differents trees for different constructions.

A touch of

Graphics, music and multiples controlling devices possible.

Time for

Create peaceful levels, time for contemplation and meditation.

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Project MIDORII is a game project I started, in order to learn Unreal Engine 4 from scratch. I wanted to study specific features
(BluePrint, Level / Persistent Level/ Level Streaming  and Game configuration concepts, OSC interaction, Modular Synthetiser…).

Thanks to hours and hours of Unreal Academy and tons of tutorials from Youtube, I finally have a functional and very first draft of my concept.
Next steps will depends on my free time or  if I can find patrons.


What I would like to do, what I did, what I will do…

Section in progress

thelullaby of midori alpha level
thelullaby of midori alpha logo

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